Our Vegan Foundation for Darker Skin Tones

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A revolutionary product for an awesome transformation…

Our luxurious foundation guarantees you an amazingly flawless coverage giving you an ultra-fabulous and charismatic look which everyone will go after. It builds perfectly on your skin and harmonizes with your original skin tone and texture, creating a fancy finish without any feeling of over-do. Your complexion will be even-toned, bright and radiant. It provides the perfect base for the application of rest of your makeup products. Choose Karamel Luxurious Foundation and you will not regret it!

Packed with rich and harmless ingredients

All the ingredients of this luxurious foundation have been chosen with extra care. Not a single of these inclusions carries any potential harm for your skin. It contains Cyclopentasiloxane which is an odorless, colorless, non-greasy substance which is water thin and has immense quality of not absorbing in skin. It helps the foundation to spread easily on your skin and evaporates quickly giving it a non-soggy matte finish. It is also dedicated to give you a silky and slippery feeling. Cetyl Ethlexanoate is a great emollient and prevents your skin from losing moisture keeping it hydrated for a long time. It uses iron oxide as a pigment to get its beautiful intense colors, which is a natural ingredient and utterly safe for use on human skin.

Highly moisturizing giving you a dewy look and feel

It carries a premium hydrating formula which moisturizes your skin deeply, giving it full nourishment, quenching all the thirst of your dry skin and turns it into a well-moisturized, lovely, adorable thing.

Suitable for all skin types

Doesn’t settles in pores, giving you an even-wear and making it suitable for all skin types. It equally goes well with dry and oily skin and even a combination skin. It can do miracles for acne prone skin by giving it absolutely clear and even finish. You don’t need to worry about clogging of your pores owing to its highly researched ingredients.

Flatters a wide range of complexions

Luxurious foundation provides its beauty treatment to a wide array of skin tones. You have a lot of colors to choose from, so choose one which goes best for you. We have introduced these shades after a lot of research and experiments on skin tones to get the beautiful you and hold tight, as we are coming up soon with a lot more variety of colors.

Wearable for all times and all occasions

This luxurious foundation will make you feel more than ready for a party or any other fancy occasion. Its natural smooth finish makes it an equally excellent choice for routine application while going out with friends or family. And last but not the least you will be addicted to wear it at your workplace because it isvery light weight and blends in your skin very smoothly.

Caters all age groups

It treats your skin in a wondrous manner, fortifying and replenishing it with utmost care. . It is capable of dealing with different age-level skin textures according to their specific needs. Obviously it is good for relatively young skin but you can also use it on your aging skin without any fears of looking dull as it does not settles in fine lines and its sheer layer leaves your skin smooth and well-balanced. Its carefully chosen ingredients revitalize and enliven your skin cells and give you a younger, fresh look.

Variety of shades to choose from

We at Karamel London thrive to make you beautiful in every possible way with the help of our alluring beauty products. Karamel London Luxurious Foundation has a wide array of colors available to match your skin tone which makes this skin beautifying item even more desirable for the confident and pretty woman inside you. You can freely choose from the range of truly fascinating colors to give yourself a beaming look. So be ready to get a stunning transformation by choosing one or more shades out of our six choices you will have a perfectly vibrant and rejuvenating look. We recommend you go for any two as a mix of two shades can perform well too. There is another not to miss option, get a darker and a lighter color and use the darker one to contour. We make sure at Karamel London to make our customers feel fully satisfied and happy so you will not regret after getting hands over any of our product.

Cruelty free and vegan foundation

We claim to care for our customer’s feelings and sentiments in every possible way so our little pack of wonders is totally cruelty-free and vegan friendly. We never experiment on animals and none of the ingredients is obtained from the animals. You can check and research the ingredients list thoroughly to confirm it.                                                                    

Worth trying as a combo with our magical loose powder

Undoubtedly, this rich makeup base alone works miraculously for your skin but a combination of our foundation and loose powder is an option that is worth trying. Our ultra-light magical loose powder sets on your skin flawlessly, giving you a delicate luxurious feel along with a fetching look. You don’t need to load your face with tons of powder for this, just dab it lightly on your face and be confident of your super-glorious appearance. Its highly active ingredients make it stay for long hours on your foundation and you don’t need to refresh it again and again like any other loose powders available in the market. You can even use this on your bare skin without any foundation to get an extremely charming natural look. But applying foundation and powder together will make you feel that these two promising products have been made for each other. So what are you waiting for? Add these two products to your cart and get a mesmerizingly beautiful look.  


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