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Feb 10, 2021 | Skincare For Men | 0 comments

Karamel London luxury beard oil and wash is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free embracing an all organic approach to Beard Care.

Beards are obviously in trend – we love seeing a handsome, proud, well-bearded man. However, keeping your beards healthy requires the right treatment since they are exposed to sun, sweat, and other environmental pollutants.  Our beard oil and wash are made of nothing but the highest quality ingredients that will hydrate, condition, and soften facial hair. 

luxury beard and oil wash organic ingredients

Karamel London Luxury Beard Wash and Luxury Beard Oil work hand in hand to provide adequate moisture beneath the beard, so your skin is hydrated, and at the same time, our specially chosen ingredients will enhance a fuller and longer growth PLUS elegant shine for your beard.

How our beard oil enhances growth

We use CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS including Mandarin, Macadamia and Abyssinian Oil. These ingredients will promote beard growth by moisturising the skin beneath your beard without irritating your skin which therefore reduces the likelihood of blocked pores.

Our beard wash and oil will keep your beard shiny, soft, moisturised and it helps prevents split ends that make your beard look frazzled. It’s when the split ends curl upwards that make it seem like your beard growth is going nowhere! We’ve carefully formulated our beard oil to combat dryness and provide long-lasting shine.

Here’s what Steve said about our product

“Why not buy some beard oil I thought and in doing so support a young company with great ethics and ambition? So, I did, and wow really pleased with my fledgeling beard now. It looks much smarter, feels so soft and even smells zesty. It is definitely ready for post lockdown viewing!”


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